Exterior painting

Your search for the best in class exterior painting services ends with Lux Painting Services Melbourne. We have experts catering your exterior painting needs for more than a decade. Services with excellent qualities and range of painting brands you can choose from will give your house a new look. There are high quality exterior emulsions, floor, and tile paints available which could be chosen and painted by industry best painters. It can withstand nature’s elements and stay as fresh and graceful as new for a long time.

Our procedures before we go for an exterior painting:

A clean surface is essential for a good paint job. A pressure washer with the proper detergent is the most efficient way to thoroughly cleaning exterior siding. Use caution when selecting the nozzle; a concentrated stream can damage wood, seep under lapped siding and break windows. On surfaces that aren't suffering from excessive peeling or flaking, a regular garden hose and scrub brush will work. Trisodium phosphate (TSP) is a good, safe cleaning agent. To remove and prevent mildew, use a detergent with mildewcide or a mixture of 1 quart of household bleach in 3 quarts of water. Follow package instructions for any cleaning product you use. Rinse the surface when cleaning is completed. Scrape away loose paint. Use a wire brush or scraping tool to scrape paint that's flaking or located in areas that the washer didn't reach. Scraping to the bare wood isn't necessary if the old paint is intact. It can be painted over after sanding. Repair any surface flaws with a surface repair compound rated for exterior use. Sand the surface when dry. Remove old caulk. Re-caulk around door trim, windowsills and other areas that need to be sealed with a paintable exterior caulk. Repair and re-putty windows. Remove old putty and apply new glazing. Make sure it's dry before painting. Use drop cloths to protect bushes, flowerbeds, decks, lawns and sidewalks. Gently tie up and cover shrubs to prevent them from rubbing against fresh paint. Prime bare wood and any area where repairs have been made.

Finally, we will apply paint  one of your chosen brands to decorate your home walls.